SharpShot Wide Angle Lens

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16mm 4K Wide Angle Lens: Our sharpest, best selling lens. You'll be amazed what this lens will do to your phone. Capture the most beautiful moments on this full metal, real glass, quality built lens. Share your shots with the hashtag #sharpshooter and tag us at @sharpshotlens for a chance to be featured on our instagram.

SharpShot sells the best iPhone lenses in the world.

We sell the best phone lenses in the world. Our glass shows zero distortion in both telephoto, and wide angles. 

100% real glass: This Fisheye Lens is capable of shooting your entire view, wraping it into a smooth fisheye effect, with minimal distortion.

Aluminum body: Built to live up to your lifestyle. Easy to transport in the carrying case, and tough enough to last.

4K clarity: Cell phone cameras are only going to get better, invest in the best quality.



Max diameter: 22.2mm
AR Coating: Multilayer
Deformation: 10-15mm
Angle: 100 degree
Compatible: Most smartphones on market

All lenses come with a lens cap for protection, and preservation.

Manufactured in China, by Ulzani.

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