SharpShot Macro Lens

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Super-close macro lens: Capable of shooting subjects to get a 10X closer distance from your subject. Get up close and personal with this professional grade macro lens. The creative possibilities are endless with such a capable lens. Featuring a lens hood to hide and unnecessary lens flares to maintain detail of your close up subjects. I can already see all of the flower, eyeball, and dog nose photos we're about to get tagged in by you. Use the hashtag #sharpshooter and tag us @sharpshotlens for a chance to be featured on our instagram.

SharpShot sells the best iPhone lenses in the world. You'll become a photographer overnight. 

We sell the best phone lenses in the world. Our glass shows zero distortion in both telephoto, and wide angles. 
100% real glass: This wide angle lens is constructed with genuine glass for the clearest image, and best results.
Aluminum body: Built to live up to your lifestyle. Easy to transport in the carrying case, and tough enough to last.

4K clarity: Cell phone cameras are only going to get better, invest in the best quality.
AR Coating: Multilayer / transparent UV protection
Angle: 10X macro - close proximity shooting
Compatible: 90% smartphones on Market
Max diameter: 22.2mm
All lenses come with a lens cap for protection, and preservation.
Manufactured in China, by Ulzani.
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